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Preparing indigenous communities for the future


The ICLC was founded under the name Borneo Child Aid in 2011 by Rosalyn Dawila Venning with the support of her Danish husband Torben Venning. Rosalyn grew up in Tawi-Tawi, Philippines, and therefore know the culture, communities and traditions first hand, as well as the challenges they face in the area.
Rosalyn and Torben ran the school project for many years while they lived in Sabah, Borneo, but have since then done it from their home in Denm
ark, although with frequent visits to the Philippines.

Michael Dawila Venning, the newly appointed Executive Director of ICLC and son of Rosalyn and Torben, has also spent a significant portion of his life in Sabah. A biologist by profession, he endeavors to integrate an ecological perspective into the organization's initiatives while maintaining a primary focus on upholding the rights of indigenous peoples. This is being facilitated with the support of the consulting team from our Danish partner organization, PUGAD.

However, the largest and most important part of our project is being performed by our amazing teachers and staff in Tawi-Tawi, Philippines and Sabah, Malaysia.

They are the ones who ensure the daily function of the schools, and they are the ones who knows and cares for the many children that we have enrolled in our schools. Without them our project would not be possible, and for that we are deeply grateful. 

ICLC teachers in traditional sama dilaut attire

Our team of teachers

Where Are We Located?

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