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Grønne koraller og fisk

Our Vision


Empowering Indigenous Lives

At Indigenous Children's Learning Centers, we are dedicated in our support to the lives of indigenous peoples around the world. Too often, indigenous communities find themselves marginalized, living in poverty, and lacking the recognition they rightfully deserve. It is our unwavering commitment to break this cycle and usher in positive change.

Our Commitment to Transparency

We believe in full transparency in our work. Every initiative, every program, and every partnership is driven by the goal of improving the lives of the indigenous communities we collaborate with. As a non-profit, our focus is not on what we gain, but on what they stand to gain from our support.

Community-Based Approach

At ICLC, our work places the community at the center of our efforts. Every project encompasses all facets of the community, from barangay (village) captains and security personnel to indigenous street children and hard-working mothers.

Our Mission

At Indigenous Children's Learning Centers, our mission is to empower vulnerable and marginalized indigenous communities by ensuring access to quality education, fostering economic independence through alternative income generation, and preserving the rich tapestry of their territories, culture, history, and knowledge. We are committed to achieving this mission in an environmentally sustainable manner. By integrating sustainable practices in program implementation, we will empower indigenous communities in securing a worthy future for their children.

Mission Statements

Strategic Objectives


Ensure equitable access to high-quality, culturally inclusive education for indigenous children.


Assist in the implementation of alternative income generation for the parents, reducing the necessity for child labour.


Support indigenous peoples work towards the protection, promotion, and recognition of their territories, cultures, and human rights.

Enhance Educational Access

Provide schools, teachers and educational materials that supports children’s rights to quality education, in areas where traditional government education has great difficulties, due to poverty, conflict, remote locations and stigma.
Economic Empowerment

Utilising schools as multifunctional educational facilities, we will provide education for the adults in the form of evening workshops focusing on income generation, general improvements for their local communities, and basic education for those who were deprived of such opportunities.
Preservation of Culture and Territory

Preserve elements of indigenous cultures through our education programme, workshops, and cultural celebrations. Development of community-based conservation, highlighting the indigenous communities’ close cultural ties to their environment.
Advocacy and Policy Influence

Engage in advocacy campaigns at local, national, and international levels to promote policies that support indigenous people’s rights to quality education, and cultural preservation. Establish partnerships with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to give voice to the indigenous communities at the national level.

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