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Our Work

Lack of education and access to basic amneties is a longstanding issue for many indigenous communities, especially the Sama Dilaut. Their lack of recognition has led to discrimination and suffering due to largely avoidable causes.
By providing indigenous peoples with basic education, registration and helping them integrate into government schools, we ensure that indigenous people are better equipped to face their uncertain future, and reduce the stigma largely caused by their poverty. Our learning centres offer a cost-efficient approach to solving the alienation and neglect faced by indigenous communities.

Photographer: Erik Abrahamsson

UN sustainable development goals

Sustainable Development Goals

We strive to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in every aspect of our work, in order to give these communities the best chance of a secure future in a rapidly changing world.

We also do not want to put any further strain on the environment, and we therefor believe that a sustainable practice is the only way forward.

School Project

As of now, ICLC is composed of 14 learning centres for preschool children on the island of Sibutu, Tawi-Tawi, in the far south-western corner of the Philippines, as well as a primary school in Sabah, Malaysia.

Currently we have more than 1000 children in the care of 20 competent teachers, who all speak Sinama, the native language of the Sama Dilaut community, supported by a number of dedicated staff and volunteers.

Our team ensures that our educational approach is contextualised to the needs and culture of the students

Pre-schooling in Tawi-Tawi is highly necessary. Despite the availability of government education, stigma, poverty and cultural asymmetries leads to higher dropout rates. Our pre-school program prepares the Sama Dilaut children for the daily routines of primary education.

sama dilaut girl receiving education

Children receiving education at an ICLC learning center

Multifunctional Facilities

In addition to our existing schools, we aspire to establish multifunctional facilities. These facilities will enable us to not only deliver education to the children in the Sama Dilaut communities but also provide workshops and evening courses for the adults.

By expanding our educational programs, we aim to secure a better education for the children and simultaneously empower the adults with opportunities to gain alternative sources of income. This initiative will significantly enhance the livelihoods of these communities.

Community-Based Conservation

In the future, we also aim to establish a collaborative partnership with the Sama Dilaut through the implementation of a community-based conservation framework.

Our goal is to engage and draw upon their unique knowledge and skills, ensuring that this initiative not only enhances the surrounding areas through dedicated conservation efforts but also creates meaningful job opportunities for the community members.

This endeavor brings dual benefits: first, it significantly benefits the community by facilitating the restoration and protection of their environment, ensuring the security of their sources of sustenance and income. Second, it contributes positively to the environment as a whole by rejuvenating crucial biodiversity hotspots and preserving unique natural ecosystems.

Seaweed harvesting

Seaweed harvesting

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